JBTP - Online ACT and SAT/PSAT Prep at Home

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  • Increases scholarships by as much as $60,000
  • Average ACT® score increase is about 2.5 points
  • Average SAT/PSAT score increase is 50-125 points per section (SAT)
  • Better college choices and scholarships

I have taken your online class for the past few months. It has helped me out so much. I wish I would have done this last year. You have helped me in ways I can't even express. You are a rock star. If I get to what I want to be in life (a teacher) a big factor in that is you. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but thank you so much.
Colton Gerdes - Auburn High School 2011

  • A 2.2 point average score increase on ACT #1, and a 50-125 average point increase per SAT section
  • Twelve, 45- minute ACT Sessions and ten, 45-minute SAT/PSAT Sessions
  • Money saving college counseling for Mom and Dad
  • Order for a year or just until the next ACT or SAT/PSAT